Heres and Elsewheres: A Hauntology (2021). Three Single-channel video installation.
Photo credit: Abu Dhabi Art 

This work asks “can you localise the internet? If so, can you be in two places at once through it? ” Following French anthropologist Marc Auge’s book of the same name, the internet is often thought of as a ‘Non-Place’. Like airports and malls, non-places are anonymous, moved through, sites in which the individual remains anonymous, one of many in contract to ‘place’ which is relational, historical, and concerned with identity. For ADA 2021, Albeit will schedule readings of different lists of derivations of certain words from the dictionary that denote ‘placehood', the words that the city is made of, and via video sculpture live stream them back into the fair at scheduled times, enacting a seepage between place and non-place, in the specific context of the fair, Abu Dhabi and the UAE.