A Terranean Love Note: Nadine Khalil with Mays Albaik
Listen in as Critical Practice Programme participant Mays Albaik and Nadine Khalil discuss some of the driving questions behind Albaik's new body of work: the body and the internet as place, and the make-up of a linguistic and bureaucratic apparatus of presence.

speak, elsewhere.
Sarah Almehairi’s Artist Talks
On the 9th episode of the Artist Talks Series, Mays Albaik shares her current thoughts and questions about her interdisciplinary visual practice, which has literary writing at its heart.

من لغتنا الإعتيادية إلى علاقتنا بالإمكنة
مقابلة خاصة مع الفنانة الفلسطينيَّة ميس البيك عن المشهد الفني في الوطن العربي والآثار السياسيَّة والثقافيَّة على نوعيَّة الفن الصادر

Screen Visit
Warehouse421 Studio Visits
WA monthly series of private studio tours by UAE-based artists which will give us a closer look into their creative space. This month, we are highlighting Mays Albaik whose interdisciplinary visual practice has literary writing at its heart. Crystalizing as performance, video, and spatial installations, her work seeks to connect with a location through the study of literary flora, of poetic production that is as tied to land as it is to rooted plants.